Cutting Hostas Back

Cutting Hostas Back


Should I cut off dead hosta leaves?

If your hosta leaves have become damaged or have burnt in the sun we would recommend that you remove them as they won't get better. This will free up space for nice healthy new growth to come back through. Very often at the nursery we will cut whole plants all the way back and within a month the plant is back strong and healthy with fresh leaves. If your hosta is starting to die back naturally at the end of the season we recommend leaving the leaves until the are completely died back, they will then come away easily in your hand rather than having to cut them and leaves strands behind.

Hostas in AutumnDied back hosta
(Above left, Hosta starting to died back naturally. Above right, Hosta ready for leaves to be cleared)

Can you cut hostas all the way down?

Yes, hostas can be cut right down to the ground, we generally leave about an inch or two at the surface so we can still see where the plant is in the ground. Leaving tall stems can look messy so it is best to cut as low down as you can without damaging healthy surround leaves. If you are cutting the whole plant back this is easily done.

How do you cut back hostas?

Cutting back hostas is very easy and can back done with standard garden secateurs. Be sure to disinfect any tools after cutting before moving on to a different variety. Using unclean tools is a great way of spread diseases such as HVX (Hosta Virus X) between plants.

What if I don't cut back hostas?

If you don't cut back your hostas they will die back naturally after a few frosts. Once they have died back completely they will be very easy to clear up with having to cut. This is our preferred way of tidying up hostas in the Autumn/Winter.

Died back hostas in WinterFrosty Hosta

2 Responses

Graeme Morton
Graeme Morton

August 07, 2023

Does a hands up hosta need cutting back for winter.Thanks

Richard Bratton
Richard Bratton

November 23, 2022

Hi Sienna
Had six hostas from you this year was first full year outside in large pots results were good thank you
Have now cut all dead leaves stalks down to crowns are they OK to leave outside for the winter next to a fence?

Richard Bratton

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