Edible Hostas

Edible Hostas

With more people growing edibles in their gardens, we are asked more and more about how edible hostas are. We thought it would an interesting subject for our latest blog. 

Hostas are indeed edible and are often consumed in Asia where they originate. The entire plant is edible, but the early Spring shoots are most commonly eaten and are comparable to asparagus. It is said that different species have different flavours, so if you are going to try eating hosta you may want to try several different species to see which you prefer. As well as the the early Spring shoots, you can also eat the leaves in salads.

Hosta Shoots


How do you Cook Hostas?

When it comes to cooking hostas, you can't go wrong with pan frying them much like you would asparagus or tender stem broccoli. Alternatively, you could slice to stems into small discs like you would with leak and fry in some butter with salt and pepper, get creative!

Here are some recipe ideas from the Forager Chef - Hosta Recipes

Are Hostas Poisonous?

Yes, hostas are indeed poisonous to cats and dogs but not humans so it is important to consider that before planting. Most cats and dogs are extremely unlikely to try and eat them, but if yours is likely to eat anything and everything then just be aware. If eaten your cat or dog will most likely experience vomiting and diarrhoea, in some very rare instances fatalities have been known. We have had dogs and cats here at the nursery for years and they have never once tried to eat a hosta.

Edible Hostas Growing in Popularity

Eating hostas has certainly grown in popularity in recent years, with more and more people telling us of their new found love of them from a culinary perspective. It was only in 2021 that we had TV homegrown edibles guru James Wong come to our display at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show to film a piece on edible hostas.

James Wong Sienna Hosta Chelsea Flower Show

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