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Of all the many colours of hostas there are available today, the blues remain a staple of every big collection. Eye popping waxy blue leaves always stand out in the garden complimenting others around them whilst adding interest themselves.

Growing blue hostas to the best of their capabilities is not always as straight forward as popping them in the ground and letting them do their thing. Positioning is key when planting blue varieties, as light levels and temperature can drastically change the quality and longevity of their colour. A cool, shady spot under a tree canopy is ideal. Blue hostas get their colour from the wax (bloom) on their leaves, this can be removed by heavy rain, bright sunlight and high temperatures, which is why planting under a tree canopy will help the colour remain.

Blues come in all shapes and sizes from some of the larges varieties like 'Blue Angel' and 'Blue Mammoth', to some of the smallest varieties such as 'Blue Mouse Ears' and 'Bill Dress's Blue'. Here are some of our favourites.


Hosta Blue Angel

(Hosta 'Blue Angel')

Hosta 'Blue Angel' is one of the older giant blue varieties. It is a real favourite and often ranks highly in popularity polls. Despite being a common variety, 'Blue Angel' is no less impressive. A full grown clump of 'Blue Angel' can be almost 1m tall and 2m wide. It is always worth having a large blue in any collection whether it be 'Blue Angel', 'Empress Wu' or 'Krossa Regal'.


Hosta 'Hadspen Blue'

(Hosta 'Hadspen Blue')

Similar to varieties such as 'Halcyon' and 'Blue Wedgwood' with it's deep blue colour. This beautiful tardiana has stunning waxy leaves and lavender flowers. 'Hadspen Blue' also has many great sports such as 'Aristocrat' and 'Pinani Splash'. 

Although it can be slow growing, 'Hadspen Blue' is generally a reliable and stable variety and is excellent when planted with other hosta varieties to compliment their different colours.


Hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears'

 (Hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears')

Everyone's favourite miniature hosta, 'Blue Mouse Ears' has thick rounded blue leaves and lovely lavender flowers. It looks stunning in a pot, forming a perfect blue dome. A must have hosta for any collector or enthusiast. 

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