Hostas and Pets

Hostas and Pets

Those of us that have pets want nothing more than to keep them safe and happy. We are no different here at Sienna Hosta. Over the years we have had our dogs and cats at the nursery. At the moment Mischief the cat and Summer the Golden Retriever spend their days here. We have also had Greyson (Mischief's brother) as well as mother and daughter Hope and Duffy the Black Labradors.

Gardening, the outdoors and animals always go well together and all are excellent for your mental and physical health. It is the best feeling to be working away in the garden or at the nursery and have our furry friends by our side. 

Sienna Hosta Duffy
Important things to know about hostas.
  • Hosta are toxic to dogs and cats if eaten - this is important to know but is really only relevant if you have a dog or cat that is likely to decide to eat them. As we have mentioned we have had many animals at the nursery over the years (including a puppy) and not one has ever eaten a hosta. If eaten, hostas may cause vomiting and diarrhea as well as lethargy. If you are worried at any point that your dog or cat has eaten hosta leaves then please consult your vet.
  • Controlling slugs and snails without the use of harmful pesticides is important as to not harm your pet. Avoid anything that is not pet friendly, metaldehyde is now banned in the UK but you may be tempted to use the old tub at the back of your shed. These pellets can cause organ damage, seizures and death in dogs and cats. Using methods like garlic wash, copper bands, crushed seashells or organic slug repellent is advisable. Again, if you are unsure then please consult your vet.

Summer the Golden RetrieverDogs and Hostas


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