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We are always asked by hosta fanatics if there are any varieties they can grow in full sun. Although the ideal conditions for hostas are partial shade and damp well drained soil, there are some varieties that can perform very well when planted in a sunny spot. We would usually recommend that you aim to grow your hostas in partial shade but we understand that sometimes shade isn't always easy to come by in every garden so here are some varieties that we would recommend to try in full sun.


Hosta Sun Power, sun tolerant hosta

(Hosta 'Sun Power' grown in full sun)

Hosta 'Sun Power' is a great example of how some varieties are better when given some full sun. 'Sun Power' has bright golden leaves and forms an impress mound at full size of over 1.5m in spread. This variety is usually best planted in the ground as apposed to a pot as due to it's size, although if you have a pot large enough it will certainly be happy with that.

If grown in the shade 'Sun Power' stays a chartreuse green and does not get as bright and yellow as it would in the sun. This variety is also ideal for a position that gets some morning or afternoon sun as this will help give it more of it's golden colouration. 

Top Tip: It is important to know that any hosta, sun tolerant or not, will likely show signs of stress or burning on the leaves during a particularly hot Summer. It is important to keep moisture levels in the soil consistent as going from very wet to very dry repeatedly will likely result in a sad looking hosta. For tips on water check out our article on watering here.  


Hosta Aphrodite

(Hosta plantaginea 'Aphrodite')

Hosta plantaginea 'Aphrodite' is a varieties that can really thrive when given plenty of sun. One of the benefits this variety offers is it's beautifully fragrant flowers. By giving 'Aphrodite' some good direct sunlight, you will help encourage more flower growth. If planted in an overly shaded position 'Aphrodite' would not produce as many flowers which are one of the main attributes of the variety and like Hosta 'Sun Power' the leaves would remain a dull green colour.

Top Tip: We would recommend planting in a position that gets full sun for part of the day, this way you will get the beautiful flowers without the leaves burning too early in the season.


Hosta Sum and Substance

(Hosta 'Sum and Substance' mid Spring)

Much like hosta 'Sun Power' the beautiful Hosta 'Sum and Substance' is a an excellent grower in full sun. It's large chartreuse leaves turn brighter throughout the Spring and Summer, in the shade this would be a much slower process and by Autumn the leaves would still not get to the bright gold they would be if grown in the Sun.

'Sum and Substance' is an extremely popular hosta due to its versatile. This variety is easy to grow and a show stopper in the garden!

If you would like any further information on these varieties, growing hostas in full sun or would like some more ideas then please feel free to ask.

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Sienna Hosta
Sienna Hosta

August 17, 2022

We would recommend feeding hostas in pots at least once a year with a high nitrogen feed such as seaweed or Chempak no.2 try to avoid general feed or high potash feed as this will result in more flower growth and won’t do much for the foliage. Sienna Hosta

June Harrison
June Harrison

August 17, 2022

Do I need to feed hosts in pots and if so what do you recommend?

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