Hostas in Flower Arranging

Hostas in Flower Arranging

As well as being a beautiful garden perennial plant, hostas are also extremely useful for flower arranging. When used in flower arranging, it is more often then not the hosta leaves that are used and not the flowers. Hosta flowers, though beautiful, are not as exciting some of the cut flowers that are available. You can use them however and they are very long lasting if collected as the flower spike comes into bud.

Hosta Flower Arrangement

With such an array of different sizes, shapes and colours of hosta leaves, it's no wonder that they are so good when flower arranging. Whether it's a large bouquet with giant leaves from 'Dancing Queen' or 'Night at the Opera' or a small arrangement with medium and small varieties like 'Ayesha' and 'Valley's Chute the Chute'. Hosta leaves are long lasting and will outlast most most cut flowers which very often allows them to be reused in a new arrangement.

The best time to use hostas in your arrangements is during April, May and June when they are looking their best. If you'd like to use hosta flowers then the normal flowering time is between June and July.

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