Hostas in the Spring

Hostas in the Spring

The time that all Hostaholics get excited for...Spring! Your precious hostas are about to appear after their long Winter rest and you can't wait to see them at their best! In this article we are going to give you of our tips and tricks to get your plants looking their best this Spring.

Early Frost Protection

Although hostas are fully hardy, there is a small window as they emerge in the Spring that they can be vulnerable. As the days warm up, tender new leaves unfurl but overnight frosts can destroy these. It is really important to keep an eye on the forecast when until you're in the clear from frost season. Frost fleecing or an upturned flower pot over the emerging leaves is usually all that is required. Hostas in smaller pots can just be brought into a porch or shed.

Hosta Frost Damage
(Hostas with frost damage)


Hosta are not the most hungry plants there are but an early Spring feed with a top dress fertiliser such as fish, blood and bone can be so beneficial. For new plants, use slow release feed in the soil as this will give them a bit of everything they need to get going. As your hostas begin to emerge you can also feed them with a High Nitrogen Feed as well.

Early Slug Prevention

Unfortunately when the hostas emerge so do the slugs so its really important to think ahead and have your hostas protected before they start to appear. We usually recommend applying your Garlic Wash from the middle of February. If you don't want to use garlic, you could always try Slug and Snail Repellent which works in the same way. As well as garlic wash or slug repellent, a healthy dressing of Crushed Seashells will add a further layer of protection.

Spring Division

The two periods of the year that we recommend the most for dividing hostas is early Autumn and early Spring. Just as the shoots start to poke through you will be able to see where to cut them up. Once divided they will have the full growing season to put out a good root system. It is worth making a note of any of your hostas that didn't look their best the previous season as splitting them can give them a new lease of life.

Dividing Hostas

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