Weird and Wonderful Hostas

Weird and Wonderful Hostas

Hostas come in all shapes and sizes, but very often it is the weird and wonderful that collectors are looking for. When you collect hostas, you don't just want the different, you want the VERY different. Space can be limited in a garden, so becoming selective about what hostas you grow is important and you don't want to waste space on something everybody has!

'Ripple Effect' and 'Gravity Rocks'

These two are fantastic varieties that have extremely twisted rippled leaves. 'Ripple Effect', believe it or not, is a sport of the very popular Hosta 'June'. 'Gravity Rocks' is a newer improved sport of 'Ripple Effect'. These hostas are particularly interesting as their rippled leaves grow outward and almost trail unlike most hosta which are more upright. This attribute makes them ideal for pots and hanging baskets. 


Hosta 'Ripple Effect'
(Hosta 'Ripple Effect')


'Praying Hands' and 'Hands Up'

Two very popular varieties with hosta collectors, both a very upright and don't really look like hostas. 'Hands Up' is a miniature version of 'Praying Hands' and also has a wider yellow margin. Both can be grown in the ground, but we think they look their best in pots.


Hosta 'Hands Up'
(Hosta 'Hands Up')


'Wheee!' and 'Let's Twist Again'

Two very wavy variety, similar in growing nature to 'Ripple Effect' and 'Gravity Rocks'. 'Let's Twist Again' is a very twisted sport of old favourite Hosta 'Patriot'. We would advice that you grow these varieties in pots, 'Wheee!' can be particularly susceptible to being lost in the ground.  


Hosta 'Let's Twist Again'


'Siberian Tiger'

A very popular new addition in 2022, this variety has very interesting leaves with yellow veins. 'Siberian Tiger' is another one that looks more like something you would find in the tropical house plant section than a hosta!


Hosta 'Siberian Tiger'
(Hosta 'Siberian Tiger')

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Diane Blackmore
Diane Blackmore

July 05, 2023

Love all the information, hints, tips and myths. Siberian Tiger is next on my list.

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