RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023

Sienna Hosta Chelsea Flower Show


 Welcome to the Sienna Hosta Chelsea Flower Show exhibit 2023, Woodland Calm. 

Our display at Chelsea Flower Show 2023 showcases a large collection of hosta varieties, some of which you will not have seen before.

This year, we are bringing a little slice of peaceful woodland to the heart of central London. The items we use to build the garden are, as far as we possibly can, from a sustainable source and re-used or re-grown.  

We have used trees to create of shady canopy making perfect conditions for hostas.

The Hostas

Our collection of hosta varieties currently stands at over 1400, of which we are exhibiting over 200 here at Chelsea.  We would like to draw your attention to 'One Last Dance', 'Amalia', 'Niagara Falls' and 'Spartacus' in particular, these beautiful piecrust varieties have amazing wavy edged leaves. These varieties are increasingly popular to bring different textures to a garden as well as colour. 'Niagara Falls' has an amazing shape, growing directly upright and then falling.

In our display we have varieties such as 'June' and fortunei var 'Albopicta', these have been in our collection for over 25 years, whilst others such as 'Sienna Susan' are more recent additions, this variety was introduced from our nursery.


Sienna Hosta Collection


The Trees

We have chosen Acers to go into our display and there are several reasons for this. One is the conditions there are happy in a similar to that of hostas which makes them a good tree to pear with them. Secondly Acers shape is very natural and fits with the more wild feel of our exhibit. Finally the colours of the Acers we have chosen compliment the hostas they have been placed with, Acer palmatum 'Ozakasuki' and Acer 'Burgundy Lace'.

The Moss

We are extremely proud of the moss which we have used in our display, as it is grown in our very own moss house. The moss house has been purpose built to ensure we can provide high quality moss for Chelsea, this was not achievable when we were buying in moss.  The added benefit of growing our own, is that we are able to regrow and reuse all of the moss that we bring back to the nursery, which make our RHS displays even more sustainable. 


Sienna Hosta Moss HouseSienna Hosta Moss House


Labels and Holders

The labels and label holders you see in our display are made from copper by Smithy Crafts blacksmith, local to us in Woking Surrey. We have completely moved away from any plastic in our labels or label holders and really think this more natural looking copper adds to the overall aesthetic of the display.


Smithy Craft Sienna Hosta ChelseaSmithy Crafts blacksmith Chelsea

The Stone Wall

Our beautiful mossy stone wall has been made using reclaimed stone, some of which is from the historic Waterers Nursery in Knaphill, which has origins dating back to 1760. We have then grown on the moss in our moss house. Having restored the nursery to its former glory we felt it only fitting to bring some of its history to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

This year, for the first time we have been growing hostas on their sides to make a feature in the wall. These plants have been carefully selected and grown on, in identical conditions in the nursery to ensure their orientation was perfect for this week.

Seinna Hosta Chelsea 2022Sienna Hosta Chelsea 2022

The Pond

Our Chelsea exhibit is showcasing the largest pond that we have ever had in one of our exhibits. All of the duck weed included in our pond was grown at the nursery and will be repurposed and reused after this show.

The QR Code Holders and Sienna Hosta Signs

Our QR holders were made especially for the show from reclaimed Devon ash.  The Sienna Hosta signs were made from Cornish Bur Oak, both were made at Zennor, in Cornwall.


Sienna Hosta Wooden SignsSienna Hosta Wooden Signs

We have just returned from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. We are starting to catch up on orders please bear with us if there are any slight delays to deliveries or enquiry replies.

Thank you to everyone who came to see our Gold winning display!