Interesting Hosta Facts

Interesting Hosta Facts

The world of hostas is such an interesting one and there is always more to learn. We get the pleasure of growing new varieties every year and sharing our love of hostas with others, but there are so many interesting facts that most people don't know.

1. Hosta Are Also Called Funkia

Before hostas were hostas they used to be commonly referred to as Funkia and many countries still use this name. Hostas are named in honour of Austrian Botanist Nicholas Thomas Host.

2. Hostas are Edible

Did you know that hostas are actually edible? Hostas are consumed in many parts of Asia and are usually fried like leek or asparagus. Despite hostas being edible to humans they are in fact toxic to cats and dogs.

You can read our article on Edible Hostas - here.

3. The Friendship Plant

In the United States of America hostas are sometimes referred to as the friendship plant. This is due to the fact they are so easy to divide, so you are able to divide pieces off your favourite plants and share them with you friends.


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